Yunnan Birding Tours: Know how to Discover Yunnan and its Beautiful Bird Species

Did you China is one of the popular places providing shelter to thousands of bird species? Interestingly, most of the bird species are found in Yunnan in their natural habitats. Due to the complex topographic location and climate condition, the province has a wide diversity in nature. Therefore, different bird species are abundantly found in various locations. Apart from bird watching, the thrill-seekers can also benefit from the adventurous paths in the midst of evergreen forests and high mountainsides.

Wildlife in Yunnan definitely opens a great window for witnessing stunning birds. Gradually, Yunnan birding tours rose to popularity among international bird watchers. After all, who would like to pass the chance to spot Golden-Breasted Fulvetta, Red-Tailed Laughingthrush, Moustached Laughingthrush, and Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush? In case, you are yet to make mind to dive into the beautiful nature of Yunnan, you should take a look at the following highlights.

  • Discover Blue Whistling Thrush and Greenery in Yunnan

While traversing through Kunming Botanical Garden, there is a high chance to catch the loud human-like whistling sound. It may sound surreal but Blue Whistling Thrush is responsible for the sound. Adorned in dark blue-violet and shiny feathers, the bird beautifully sings from a cliff or tree. If you look closely at the broadleaf green forests, you can get a chance to see this thrush. The birds are found in pairs and they hop on rocks while moving around.

Apart from Blue Whistling Thrush, there is a great opportunity to find Red-Tailed Minla, Spot-Breasted Scimitar Babbler, and Black-Breasted Thrush. For having situated 12 km away from Kunming city, the native birds easily dwell in towering and old trees. The diverse green space is a paradise for a bird-watching enthusiast.

  • Find Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant near Zixishan Nature Reserve

Known as Bar-Tailed Pheasant, Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant is a large forest pheasant found around Zixishan Nature Reserve. The easy way to identify the bird is to check red facial skin, yellow bill, metal-like blue neck feather, and chestnut-brown plumage. The adult female bird comes with white-colored throat and white-tipped tail. On the other hand, the adult male has brown, black, and grey whitetail. Unfortunately, the birds are now under the risk of habitat loss.

The bird watching trips cannot leave Zixishan Nature Reserve out of the picture because 91% of it covered with lush vegetation. There are 100 bird species found in the reserve which is extended over 16000 hectares land. While roaming here for the day, the tourists can expect to catch Yunnan Nuthatch and Giant Nuthatch. Apart from these birds, the area is home to numerous warblers, sibias, and minivets.

  • Spot River Lapwing in the Heart of Nabang Town

Found in other parts of the Indian subcontinent, River Lapwing is one of the gems in Yunnan. The bird is seen in different behaviors on the ground; hence, anyone can spot the birdie spinning, crest-raising, and stooping. If you grasp basic information on the characteristics, you can make the identification process easier. So, the bird has central throat, black crest, and, grey-brown breast band. It also has brownish back, whitish rump, and blackish tail. The adult male is a bit larger than female bird.

River Lapwing is found in Nabang but the hornbills are under serious threat here. However, the diversity of the bird world is quite remarkable and one can get an advanced-level birding experience here. Wreathed Hornbills, White-Hooded Babbler, Hill Blue Flycatcher, and Collared Myna are the popular species of Nabang.

So, what are you waiting for? A few days spent while bird watching in China can better your life in several ways.

Author bio: Jun Lin is a travel blogger who has published many articles on the birds found during a trip dedicated to bird watching in China. Here, she discusses the popular highlights of Yunnan birding tours before the expedition.

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