Why Do Kids Love Cartoon

Generallypeople believe that children like cartoon because cartoon has rich imagination, exaggerated picture of the plot and dynamic features. However, the above features can be seen in other literary works. Why do kids have a soft spot for cartoon? This requires people to find the reason from kids’ cognitive style, understanding of the world and the cartoon forms, etc.

It can be said that children have two worlds: one is the real world, which is the adult world. The other is the inner world, and this is completely different from an adult‘s inner world. In this world, all changes are possible, all the hyperbole is the norm: for example, automotive crosses through the body and the body will become paper-thin; if one person was drilled out from the square tube, then his or her head and body would become square. This is a world full of possibilities, but also a can in accordance with the requirements of each child’s imagination to change the world.

For the kids, Anna og Lotte the world they understand and feel is a blend of reality and fantasy. Because of the fusion of reality and fantasy, those many adults believed impossible would be possible in their eyes. Therefore, the adults think it is a show of strange and rich imagination. In fact, for children, this is not a problem of imagination, but of the world’s original appearance. It is because the world that children understand and feel is a blending of reality and fantasy, the literature fused with reality and fantasy will be more welcomed by children than literature. Moreover, cartoon has technical advantages to demonstrate their understanding of the world; therefore, it has become the children’s favorite form.  

Because of their love for cartoon, many related industries also are emerging and developing, such as Barbie Doll, Robot Figure Dolls or Kids Cosplay Costume. Those can help to enrich kid’s life and be their partners in their world. This may be the reason for the fast development of kids’ related stuffs.