What is ‘OK TO BOARD’ for the Indian Visitors to UAE

Are you planning to take your voyage to the land of glittering sand dunes, fascinating oasis, mesmerizing coastline? Well, then having a visa won’t be sufficient for you. You must possess the ‘OK TO BOARD’ permission, otherwise the airline authority won’t let you even board the flight. You must be thinking, obtaining a visa itself is a tedious, lengthy process and now you have to face this new term, right!

What is ‘OTB’

Let’s assume, you have a valid UAE visa, now you have to send a copy of your visa to the airline you have booked for your journey. After verifying your UAE visa, the airline will approve your flight ticket and mark your PNR as OTB. The airline will be liable to decline your visit if your PNR doesn’t reflect OTB. Thus, SDMS Dubai Visa strongly recommends you to check the OTB with the airline prior to your arrival at the airport.

Why do you need OTB

It is basically a process to ratify the visa the traveler is having. If the question of whether all airlines ask for OTB pops up in your mind, then yes, doesn’t matter whichever airline you book, OTB is a must needed requirements for the Indian travelers.

OTB procedure

The process requires your Dubai visa agent in Delhi to send them the true copy E-visa along with the flight ticket. After verification, the airlines approve the OTB and match it with passenger PNR. In general, it takes 3 working days for airlines to update OTB, but with SDMS Dubai Visa, a renowned visa consultant in Delhi, you will get the update within 6 hours.

The OTB process has been implemented by the UAE authority, looking at the number of fake visa holders who enters the premises of the territory illegally. OTB indicates that your visa is valid and so you are licensed to visit the country. So next time when you plan to visit UAE, apart from visa, OTB is another important process to consider.

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