What Is Marriage? What Is The Purpose Behind Doing Marriages?

What is the meaning the perfectly describes marriage? Marriage is a word that tells people that two souls are going to combine in one by getting in a true and pure relation of husband and wife. There are so many definitions that describes the word marriage but this above mentioned is the most perfect definition that tells us about marriage.

Marriage is fulfilled by doing so many different types of rituals such as engagement, shagun, wedding ceremony, reception, viddai etc.

How many types of marriage are there? Basically, there is two type of marriages that are monogamy and polygamy.

  1. Monogamy: This term is referred to as when a person can get married to a single spouse only.
  2. Polygamy: It means that when a person can have more than one spouse. This type of wedding is illegal to know but in olden days people used to have more than one wives.

If a divorced girl looking for marriage, then she can make a profile on divorce matrimonial sites so that she gets a perfect life partner according to her choices and demands.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing marriages? There are so many purposes that say marriage is important and there are so many reasons that say marriage is a waste of money. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of marriages are mentioned below:


  1. Marriage is a way to forward your generation: By doing marriages people can easily forward their generations. Two compatible people can make love and enjoy their life by giving birth to the next generation. This how couples can enjoy their sex life also. This is the first and most important purpose of doing marriages.
  2. Caring and sharing: Marriages have a direct link with caring and sharing. After two people get married they share each and everything. For examples: the husband takes care of the needs of the wife whereas the wife takes care of family, children, and husband.
  3. Marriage benefits the society also: If a couple adopts a baby from an orphanage then definitely his/her future is going to be brighter which helps them in serving and helping the society also.
  4. Financial problems are solved: After doing marriages the financial problems are solved as because the husband and wife share each and everything and care about each other. This helps in solving the problem of financial conditions. There are so many divorce matrimonial sites in India that help people to give a second chance to their life.


  1. Fights: Many couples have are different from each other which results in fights and day on day arguments. These fights have a bad impact on the family and children.
  2. Problems: Marriage means that couples have to deal with each other’s parents. This is one of the most common conflicts of people/couples after marriage.
  3. Bureaucracy: Getting married has a lot of Bureaucracy as because the girl has to change her names from all the documents.

These areas some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting married.

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