What defines a luxury property?

When we say the words “luxury property” an idea is shared by all: spaces with the highest quality of life. But after this common denominator, if we had to define what a luxury home is, we would find a wide variety of images that would come to our mind: from a sumptuous estate in a mountain environment to an exclusive modern design villa in the first line of the sea. This implies that luxury properties have all kinds of shapes, sizes and locations. 

Just imagining living in such a place becomes a great incentive to invest in this type of property. But today, luxury home has a series of characteristics coveted by those who walk behind making the dream of living in hundreds of square meters with detail. 

Characteristics of a luxury property: 

Use of “Top” quality products 

The designs of these homes are meticulous and offer models fully adapted to the most personal tastes and desires. The construction materials are high-end, and it finishes the most exclusive “plus” that makes the difference. They are homes that do not flee the growing technological advancements and are equipped with all the innovations of home automation devices, placing them at the top of the real estate market. 


Spaces with unique equipment 

“The more sugar we use, the sweeter it gets”. This statement perfectly defines the luxury home style. From movie theatres, spas, gyms, large outdoor pools and heated pools, wineries, playgrounds, extensive gardens and kitchens and outdoor lounges, to the guest apartment, it includes spaces that turn the house into a whole temple surrendered to comfort, and that is on the list of those seeking luxury. 

Location and privacy 

In front of exclusive beaches, with direct access to golf courses, dominating beautiful mountain landscapes or refugees under a great history of noble lineage, luxury housing has to be a private oasis for those who inhabit it; hidden treasures away from prying eyes where to feel free and relax in absolute privacy. 

Security before everything 

Security for self and family is imperative for those looking for a home with these characteristics and not only through high-tech security systems, but to acquire a luxury home in exclusive residential complexes with 24-hour surveillance is a quality everyone values. 


Services that complement the exclusivity 

Combining privacy and proximity to all the necessary services daily such as schools, hospitals or shopping centres, is another feature that gives these exclusive luxury homes unique. 


Commitment between sustainability and luxury 

Nothing is further from reality than associating luxury with waste, pollution or aggression to the environment. Today, the latest technologies in energy efficiency, air conditioning, lighting, electricity and home automation are incorporated with total naturalness in the luxury housing sector. In addition, landscaping is critical, and there is excellent respect for all-natural areas. 

An entire emotional experience 

It is no longer about social status or appearances, but about individual skills and experiences; It is not being considered a king, it is living like a king. Who wants to buy a luxury home places enjoyment, knowledge and emotions above opulence. On the other hand, the acquisition of a luxury home goes far beyond the commercial transaction, since in most cases it is one of the most critical decisions in the life of a buyer, not only because of the significant sum of money that implies but because the family is also involved in it. It is a decision full of hopes and desires. Get in touch with the best Real estate companies in Dubai if you want to buy or rent the luxury property. 

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