The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Weddings are undoubtedly, one of the greatest celebrations of love as two souls come together and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. Naturally, every couple craves for rejoicing this occasion amongst friends and family in a fantastic ambiance.

There is something so exclusive and mystical about outdoor weddings that you cannot always describe it in words. Imagine a romantic botanical garden filled with flora and fauna or a rugged rocky yet enigmatic ocean shore where you two are exchanging your vows and pledging to begin a life together. This is all your dream come true! Isn’t it!

But no matter how gorgeous these venues are there are ample amount of work and orchestration required like, fixing the venue, taking protection against the weather fluctuations, going for the right wedding furniture hire and much more.

From the venue décor to the menu, here are some of the tips that will help you throw the perfect “wedding in marquee” so that it remains etched in your as well as the attendees’ memory for years to come. Just read on.

  • Setting the Budget – Prior to embarking on your wedding journey, you should set a budget. Though it is the general opinion that an outdoor wedding is usually an affordable option, but in most cases, it is not. Nevertheless, the time and money spent is every bit worth it as it will help you create the most beautiful memories which will be cherished for years to come. You can also ask if families want to contribute to the wedding but ensure that they do not invite in other members whom you have never met in a lifetime.

  • Deciding the Date – The good months for an outdoor wedding happens to be July or August. At the time of deciding the date you should consider the three primary components –

  1. Church

  2. Site for the Wedding

  3. Marquee

In order to get the best suppliers you should be a bit flexible on your date. If the church happens to be the most crucial supplier among the three and they have been able to provide the date that you want then you have to talk to get the dates with the site of the wedding and also the tent company that you have been talking with.

  • Picking the Location – A rustic outdoor wedding is something that every girl dreams of. But you have to take into consideration the fact that when it starts to pour where the guests will take shelter! That is why you must choose a venue that is spectacular yet pragmatic. You can choose from the ones mentioned below.

  1. Backyard Wedding – If you know someone who has an extensive backyard and you have the budget for a king-sized tent then this can be a quite an affordable option.

  2. Beach –In most cases, you may go abroad for a beach wedding. Usually people resort to a wedding planner who will take care of the details in this case. You can turn the wedding to an extended honeymoon or holiday under such circumstances to spend some more days there if you are travelling abroad.

  3. Local City Park – The large cities can provide couples, to rent a park space for getting married. Some will have a solarium, a rose garden or any other area that can accommodate a wedding reception.

  4. A Barn – A barn happens to be beautiful rustic wedding milieu. You can make the guests sit on the hay bales and can dance to the tunes of traditional folk band. This way you do not have to rely on the weather as well.

  5. Grounds of Building – You can get the best of both worlds by marrying on the grounds of a building be it a stately home or a castle. You can benefit from the professional ambience where details like the catering and chairs can be easily taken care of while still enjoying the outdoors.

  • Logistics for the Right Outdoor Wedding – An outdoor wedding calls for a lot more planning than that of an indoor one. But the sheer fun of it is also unmissable. Here are some of the things that you need to consider.

        1. Arrange for the Permits Ahead of Time – You should research for the permits ahead of time. Beach and park weddings especially need these. You should also ask about the policies around music, alcohol, candlelight, trash removal, timings of rentals as well as fees.

        2. Keep the Weather in Consideration – You should find out where the sun will remain through the day and organise the photos and seating around it. Otherwise, the guests will start squinting in the sun. You should also consider what to do if the weather worsens. Keep a plan B ready which means having provisions for an indoor wedding, in that case. You should also opt for wind-proofing the décor so that your centrepieces or napkins do not get flying across the floor.

        3. Must Advise the Guests that It Will be an Outdoor Wedding – This way your guests will be able to bring in suitable attire and footwear and will thank you for letting them know beforehand.

  • Outdoor Wedding Décor – You should take care of the outdoor décor and setting in order to make it more comfortable.

  1. You should order for fan services if your wedding is being arranged in the summer months.

  2. Yu should pick up a focal point of the venue which will be the area where the people will gather. You can make the gazebo, kitchen or tent the focal point of your arrangement.

  3. You can cover bales of hay with decorative fabrics for alternative seating arrangements.

  4. If it is too hot you can keep the flowers moistened by using a spray bottle of water.

  5. To keep flies out of drinks you can use cupcake wrappers.

  6. Lighting is the most essential thing to consider in this case. You can think about the solar lights, fairy lights, tea lights hanging from the trees and even the paper lanterns. You can wrap the tree with fairy lights and also make use of photos for a personalised touch.

  • Setting the Menu – Usually couples opt for going for a more relaxed approach in case of outdoor wedding. You can choose from a Hawaiian pig roast, a southern barbeque that is spicy or an English clambake. For a ballroom affair you should not even consider those options. Irrespective of what menu you set, you should make sure that there are plenty of refreshing drinks and cold water especially if it is s hot day. You can include iced tea and lemonade as good staples, in this case. Just like at the time of opting for the chair hire in London for your décor you should consider a lot of things like experience, reputation and reliability of the company, at the time of hiring the caterer, too, you should analyse a number of factors and the most important among them is whether they have experience in preparing dishes and running events taking place in marquee. This way you will get the right supplies.

The above are some of the things by considering which you will be able to create the ambiance for an impeccable wedding amidst nature that is most coveted these days.

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