The right way of advertising – Bulk messaging

With potentially more mobile phones than family members of the house, everyone seems busy in their own world inside the handset of their phones. The rapidly increasing inclination towards mobiles highlights the fact that people read almost every message that they receive during a day. No matter how busy their routine is, they mostly glance at their mobile screen once in 10-15 minutes. Therefore, using this medium to communicate your agenda to the potential or real consumers could be very effective and impactful.

This could be done through a bulk SMS gatewayWith this technique, you can send one similar message to the mass audience at once. Sending messages to each subscriber of your product or service would be very time-consuming and expensive. It can also dilute your business from other more important activities.
The most accurate and proper solution to serve this problem is by messaging many customers at once by bulk SMS services. It doesn’t just cater to the above-mentioned problems but also have several other benefits like :

  • Provides information
    The primary motive of sending a message to anyone is to convey a message to them. This could be about anything, from your flash sales to changes in your policies or a message informing your potential customers about new stock. Via SMS API gateway, you can do it all in the most convenient way.
  • High opening rate than emails
    One of the biggest plus point of SMS marketing that these texts are open up to 97-98% of the time when the customers receive them. This gives SMS an open rate higher than emails and all other advertising options.
  • Targeted messaging to segmented groups
    You can make separate groups of your subscribers based on where they are in your sales funnel, segment employees from the vendors, donors from volunteers, etc and make sure that the right message goes to the right person so that the effect of your message would be maximized.
  • Rapid development
    The most important boon of SMS blast is its speed. Once you associate with mass messaging, in fractions of seconds to can send your message to a wide consumer base without investing much of your time.
  • Demographic Reach
    Text message in one most reachable way as it neither requires internet access nor an expensive smartphone. Every mobile handset ranging from the lowest can receive a message.
  • Maintains visibility of products
    When you want your business to become successful, it’s very important to make it visible to the target costumers. Any breakage between your product/services and customers would blurry the name of it from the minds of your consumers. Text marketing helps you to keep up the visibility of your company/ product or services.

SMS service is the most effective way of advertising your products and services. The benefits of it are as many as you can imagine. According to human psychology, repeatedly reading something similar automatically saves it in our minds and what would be a better way than doing this via SMS.

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