Spiritual value of Islamic wall art

A new home décor trendthat is creating a stir in the online world is Islamic wall frames. Those wanting to raise the visual appeal of their living or working spaces now go for Muslim wall frames in its different forms –vinyl wall stickers, also known as wall decals, bright digital prints, ceramic wall plates, and stainlesssteel frames.

More than raising the aesthetic quotient of your homes, Islamic wall frames canfulfil a more valuable purpose  –if you behold the text that is displayed on the frames, and ponder over their meaning,  they can serve as reminders of the blessings of Allah. For instance, a wall sticker with the text ‘Alhamdulillah’ displayed in the dining portion of your home can remind that the food on your table and ability to eat and savour the food is a blessing of sustenance and good health from Allah. If you want your children to memorise Quranic supplications or verses, you can paste them on their walls.

Indeed, Muslim wall frames can also help you in inviting people to the faith. If a guest, who can’t read or understand Arabic, may ask you the meaning of a verse on your wall, and thus you can explain it to him or her. This might just spark interest in him/her to read and understand the Quran.

For the benefit of people whose native language is not Arabic, which includes the majority of Muslims, Islamic wall framesalso come with Englishtranslationsthat are displayed aing with the Quranic verse in original Arabic. In some cases, Muslim wall frames come only with English textsans the original Arabic verse. This shift in language signals a significant new trend in Islamic art.

That said, the beauty of the Arabic text is unparalleled. The script’s seamless, cursive nature with abundance of dots and diacritical marks render it perfect for calligraphy. Certainly, the many breath-taking monuments such as the Taj Mahal would not have been as pretty sans the Islamic calligraphy inscribed on them.

And yet, the shift towards English in Islamic artis very significant as helps in fulfilling the spiritual purpose of the art – reinforcing the Message of Allah, and reminding residents of the home and their guests of the Blessings of Allah.

As a matter of fact, people now frame ayats in accordance to the utility of the room they are being displayed in. Therefore, ‘Alhamdulillah’ (‘Praise be to Allah’) wall art frame can be framed in the dining area, ‘Tawakaltu Al-Allah’, which means ‘Put your trust/faith in Allah’ can be displayed in the study room.The doorway can have on displaye‘Masha Allah’, which in English is ‘By the Will of God’.

Apart from long-time favourites like ‘Masha Allah’, ‘Bismillah’, the Shahadah and the Four Quls, Islamic wall frames now includelesser known Quranic verses as well. Evidently, in terms of language and the content, there is a lot of variety in Muslim wall frames now.

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