Qualities You Should Look for In Bed Linen Sets

Finding the right bed linen sets is not easy. You have to consider the colors and you have to ensure it stays within your budget. You even have to ensure the linen is easy to clean, especially if you have kids. Let’s look at a few qualities you should look for in linen sets:

Matching Pillow Cases

Although most sheets now come with pillow cases, you do get bed sheets separately as well. You should always aim to buy linen sets. Even if you have ample pillow cases, it is best to get a complete set. This way you do not have to hunt for the perfect pillow case to go with the sheet. Since you get matching cases in the set, you can use start using them without worrying about aesthetics. Of course you can buy additional pillow cases to match the set. You can make a nice combination or even mix and match different colors to go along with the existing set.

Thread Count Cover Cotton Quality

When buying linen most people focus on the thread count. So much so that thread count is now regarded as the standard by which the quality of linen is determined. However, the thread count is not the determining factor in the quality of the set. Instead of focusing on the thread count, you should focus on the fabric quality.

Bed linen sets with quality cotton fabric will be more comfortable and long lasting than the ones with a higher thread count. So, always look for good quality fabric. Do keep in mind that the thread count does matter, but the quality of fabric is important as well. It would be best to invest in good quality fabric and a high thread count.

Easy to Clean

There are certain types of fibers that are easier to clean than others. If you like to have your breakfast in bed, you should consider getting easier to clean fabric. This way your bed linen will last longer and you will not have to buy more just because it got dirty. Quality bed linen is easy to wash and dry.

Should You Go For Pure Cotton or Synthetic

There is an ongoing debate about whether you should get pure cotton or synthetic fiber. You should get pure cotton. However, pure cotton is not as durable. Therefore, you should consider linen with synthetic mixture. The best blend is a 90/10. This means that 90% of the fiber is pure cotton and 10% is synthetic. This fiber will give you the appearance and feel of pure cotton. But at the same time it will be much more durable than pure cotton.

Now that you know what to look for in bed linen sets you can buy the best one for yourself. Just be sure to select the right fabric and thread count.

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