Must-Try Cheap Eats in London

Maybe you just paid rent. Or maybe you’ve just come back from a holiday where you couldn’t check your balance ‘because of data roaming’. Whatever it is, we all find ourselves needing to cut back occasionally. Cutting back doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of eating out and seeing your friends. London’s an expensive city, but there are plenty of inexpensive restaurants with excellent food. Here are our favorite places to get a good sit-down meal for £10 or less.

1.  Korean Fried Chicken Wings at Flesh and Buns – £7.40:

For such an alarmingly named restaurant, Flesh and Buns is a relatively pleasant place to spend an hour or two. Flash the flesh with a portion of Korean fried chicken wings, which come sticky, sweet and sprinkled with sesame. Vegetarians can also pick up a treat in the form of a miso grilled aubergine filling for their famously fluffy steamed buns, which comes in at £9.90.

2.  Flat Iron Steak at Flat Iron – £10:

For those in the know, Flat Iron is a hero of the cheap eats scene, selling its house steak for just £10, salad included. At this price, you expect offal, but in fact the meat is reliably tender and juicy and certainly worth every penny of a tenner. The even better news? You can now pick it up at any one of their five locations across the capital. Look out for their gorgeous burger, too, which is a special but usually the same price.

3.  Bancone:

Bancone is right off of Trafalgar Square. Its home to a whole lot of marble. And it has things like rabbit pappardelle and saffron butter on the menu. We know what you’re thinking. But luckily, this handmade pasta spot is actually very affordable. You can go for any of their pasta mains shout out to the silk handkerchiefs with egg confit and hazelnut butter, split a bottle of wine, and leave only twenty quid lighter.

4.  Roasted Lamb Chops at Sibarita – £9.50:

Spanish spot Sibarita masquerades as a wine bar, but is actually a darn good restaurant. Ex-Encant and now Rambla Chef Victor Garvey is at the helm, serving up seriously satisfying tapas dishes. A must are the roasted lamb chops, perfectly pink and wildly succulent.

5.  Lapd Food Pizza, Stockport:

Sometimes it just needs to be pizza, doesn’t it? If so, you’ll feel right at home at Home slice, where you can pick up pizza by the (generously sized) slice in their signature flavors including margherita, and a mushroom, ricotta and cheese topped pie. If you’re hungry and have a homie to hand, one of their mammoth 10 inch pizzas costs less and easily serves two. This pizza is best takeaway in Stockport and offers healthy options.

6.  Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall:

With spots in both Soho and Spitalfields Market, Pleasant Lady Jian Bing is an excellent back pocket cheap eat. These Chinese crepes are packed with vegetables as standard (as well as a fried egg, spicy sauce, and a tip-top crispy wonton thing) and at just £6, they’re a steal. Or, you can add some chicken or lamb for a quid extra and still have enough change for a Ribena from the shop.

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