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South Africa VPS Server Hosting

A VPS server in South Africa serves in the form of a virtual system residing on the server with various other systems. In other words, the server is compartmentalized into several sections for the ease of use of the users. with South Africa VPS Server Hosting, you get your very own operating system. Therefore, you have complete control on the system configuration. As a user, you also get the scope of installing applications and programs not allowed or not supported on shared server hosting packages. The hypervisor or the virtual system manager is basically a program making it possible for several operating systems to share one single hardware host. Majority of the VPS hosting packages in South Africa make use of OPenVZ virtualization technology.

Businesses with basic hosting requirements and simple sites can easily operate on a shared account. However, the same does not hold true for the businesses with larger websites. Developers and large website owners require VPS packages. It is not a big deal to go for VPS plans in South Africa especially when the most basic package is available for $5 5 per month.

Types of VPS Servers Available in South Africa

VPS hosting providers in South Africa generally provide two different varieties of packages and these are managed and unmanaged. These plans are specifically designed for providing the users with greater control and security.

Managed VPS Servers

The managed VPS solutions provide a completely managed environment that is quite the same as shared hosting packages. However, the main difference lies in increased availability of resources. Resources available to the users of VPS hosting solutions come in the form of improved control panel and operating systems. In operating system category you will find options like Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Fedora and Windows.

The control panel options available are Plesk, ZPanel, CPanel, Ajenti, Webmin, Kloxo, ISPConfig, Froxlor and Virtualmin. For businesses that are outgrowing the shared hosting atmosphere and do not have the budget to go for a dedicated server, VPS server solutions in South Africa can serve to be the best. Managed hosting plans under VPS server are good options for websites that require certain customizations not available with shared hosting packages.

Unmanaged VPS Servers

Dissimilar to managed VPS solutions, unmanaged VPS hosting packages are not managed by the hosting provider. These plans work for the more advanced users finding it absolutely comfortable to do system administration activities and use command-line interface. The unmanaged VPS packages come with root account access which means the users can easily customize their servers as and when required.

Thus the users are responsible for items like security patches, upgrades, application installation, application configuration, backups, reboots and custom partitioning.

Take Care of Important Specifications

With a Johannesburg based VPS server from Onlive Server, you get specifications like 1 core processor, 1 GB RAM, KVM Architecture, 30 GB storage space, 100 Mbps network connectivity speed, 1 dedicated IP address, 1 TB data transfer speed and zero to few minutes of setup time.

Some common questions related to VPS server hosting solutions are as under:

Q: What services do you get with unmanaged VPS hosting plans?

Ans: The services you get include infrastructure management, re-provisioning VPS with varied operating systems and reverse DNS delegation and management.

Q: Do unmanaged plans include control panel?

Ans: No, unmanaged VPS plans do not come with the inclusion of the control panel.

Q: How is a virtual private server created?

Ans: A virtual private server is made by way of the virtualization procedure.

Q: What it is like to have a VPS?

Ans: Having a VPS means having complete access to your very own personal server along with allocated resources.

Q: Do you get a pre-installed operating system?

Ans: Yes, VPS solutions come with pre-installed operating systems.

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