How to manage protected applications in Identity Shield? Along with the security of Webroot devices, there is a market leader in providing the best security solutions for the networks they are connected to. For the purpose of security and security, you can choose from a wide selection of antivirus software offered by the company. Identity Shield is one of the most popular security solutions provided by Webroot Support to ensure safe browsing and complete data protection. activate When you do online transactions, the shield keeps an eagle on Trojan horses and scams that can steal your confidential information. With Webber Identity Shield, you can give an additional layer of security such as tax preparation software, messaging software etc…

When you work on your device, the identity armor automatically puts into the web browser and other important applications in the list of protected applications with one of these three:

 Allow – Apps given with the “Allowed apps” tag are not protected from malware that steals your information.

 Denial – such applications cannot view or record protected data on the system. However, they can run normally.

 Protect- Apps marked with this tag are fully protected from information-stealing malware.

Checking the free number and joining the Security support team activate To manage the protected application list and provide level of security, follow the instructions given below:

In the Main Interface of the To Webber Identity Shield, click on the Identity and Privacy section

 now, click View / Edit Protected Applications

 It will open the protected application panel. Here, you can see all the apps and web browsers installed on your system.

Application Click the radio button in front of the application for which you want to edit the level of security

Choose from, Permission or Reject

To add more apps to this section, click Add Application

! Click Close when you’re done!

If you are still unable to change the security level or add a new app, then contact the Webber support number and get an immediate solution from an expert.


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