How to Get a Quote from Online Car Dealers

If you walk onto a car lot and ask for a price, you may get a long song and dance before you get an actual out-the-door number. It could be hours of negotiation. There’s another approach that’s faster, easier and less stressful. Car dealerships now have internet departments: salespeople devoted to pricing, negotiating and financing cars. This means you can get multiple car price quotes without visiting a slew of dealerships. Try this approach to get the most out of the process.

1. The single email:

Now it’s time to put it all out there. With a list of dealers that have the car you want, you are going to craft an e-mail that puts you in the driver’s seat. Don’t do this through a contact form on their site unless you can’t find a salesperson’s email address. You want the dealers to see what they’re up against, so make sure all the dealers’ names are visible in the CC line.

The e-mail needs to include:

  • The fact that you’ve selected a vehicle you want to buy and you have already test driven it at a local dealer.
  • That you are ready to buy and want to by a certain date.
  • The options you must have and any that are flexible.
  • That you’re aware of all the costs associated with the invoice and options.
  • Any programs like loyalty or dealer cash you found in your research.
  • That you are pre-approved for financing but would rather finance through the selling dealer just to make the transaction easier.

Now, here’s the cherry on top: Give the dealers 24 hours to respond with their best offer and tell them you will give a credit card deposit over the phone to secure the deal.

2. Start an Online Bidding War between Car Dealers:

This is when it starts to get fun, smart car buyers have been using the “bidding war technique” for years. Time to start getting those low new car discount prices rolling in to your inbox. It’s proven that using the internet instead of walking into a dealership playing “hard-ball” with a salesman will get you a lower price. Educated car buyers have been using this technique for over a decade to receive high volume Internet discounts when buying a new car.

Car dealers across the Nation sell hundreds of cars at deep discounted prices every day to smart Internet savvy car buyers. They’re able to do this because there is no shortage of uneducated customers still walking into dealerships paying too much for a car. That’s okay, because if it wasn’t for those uneducated buyers, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of high volume Internet discounts. Car Sales in Ashton have increased using this strategy.

3. Take a Look at the MSRP:

The MSRP is a general guideline for what a new vehicle is worth. That’s not to say that you will always get a car for sticker price, but you can spot a bad deal by its lack of proximity to what the manufacturer has suggested as an overall value. When an auto quote towers over the MSRP make sure there’s a reason for that gap.

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