How to Fix Outlook Blocked Senders List Issue

Blocking an email will end up by adding the particular email to the blocked list of the sender but if the same email is added in trusted category then it will over write the clocked permission. Sometime due to some errors introduced in the outlook will lead to show blocked list and after adding to blocked list due to errors it will not be shown in the list.

If your emails in outlook are moving to junk folder and you don’t know the procedure to fix the issue read our latest blog on How to Stop Outlook Moving Emails to Junk or Spam FolderTo know the methods to fix blocked sender list is not working in outlook you are required to read methods below explained by experts in this blog.

Outlook Blocked Senders List

Steps to Outlook Blocked Senders List Does Not Work:


Step1: Open an email message of the sender you want to block.

Step2: In outlook menu bar click on message option.

Step3: Click on junk mail option in drop down and navigate to Block sender.

Step4: The user is blocked now still receiving emails from blocked sender.


Step1: Open my computer and double click on C drive and open program files.

Step2: Open Microsoft office folder and look for office with numeric folder to open it eg Office15.

Step3: Now in folder rename file OUTLFLTR.DLL to old.OUTLFLTR.DLL.

Step4: Restart outlook and check.


Step1: Open control panel in the computer and open programs and features.

Step2: Select show install updates option and remove all updates installed for junk folder.

Step3: Restart the computer.

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