How to Change Outlook Settings from POP to IMAP ?

Outlook is an interesting emailing application launched by Microsoft. It has been designed in such a way that it can get supported with the devices running on Windows, Mac and Android. It has various features through which the users can be able to send and receive mails in various formats from any corner of the world just by having secure internet connection.

Mostly this email service tool runs without any error but there are certain problems that can rise and create interruption for the users. These issues may be like Configure New Outlook account, Spam and Junk Mail concern, Change or Reset Password errors, Set-up auto reply, Create New and Customize signatory, remove cyber threats, and change Outlook account from Pop to IMAP.

The entire above listed error can be fixed at just a solitary phone call through which the customers can interact with the world class technicians who are always ready to help and sort out the problems faced. Here the whole technical concerns are solved with accurate solutions and full customer support via remote process.

Change Outlook Settings from POP to IMAP

The users looking for methods as to change Outlook Pop to IMAP they may follow the procedures listed under by the professional.

Before upgrading to IMAP from POP on Outlook check the follow steps:

  • Make sure that no messages leaved online as per “update to not keep messages online”
  • As per “Export Email Signature” customer may need to copy email signature over to word
  • Then need to transfer all emails from old email account and then remove previous email account
  • Now, create a new email account in Outlook from “Adding new email account” tab
  • After this, import emails from exported .pst file
  • At last, copy email signature from word to new email account created

Ways to switch from Pop to IMAP Outlook:

Step 1: update to not keep messages online

Step 2: Export Email Signature

Step 3: Exporting emails from POP account

Step 4: Removing old email account

Step 5: Adding new email account

Step 6: Importing emails from POP .pst file

Step 7: Import Email Signature

If customer willing for other help for Outlook Pop IMAP change issue they may have to dial Outlook email support number which is a toll free number for US and Canada region. So, don’t hesitate and make a call at the given number to get assisted online 24×7.

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