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The misunderstanding regarding the technological differences between South Africa VPS server and cloud server hosting across the industry for web hosting is fast becoming a buzz these days. There are a lot of people who are unaware of the basic differences between South Africa VPS and cloud server hosting. These companies do not need to have a certain physical structure like storage, RAM and CPU with processor specifications in order to host their websites. They also do not require operating system and specific web applications like Magento, Joomla and WordPress. These are not the only advantages. Further, such an arrangement will need redundant and efficient power supply with periodic maintenance for ensuring that the server is always up and in running condition.

Understanding the Basics of Virtualization and Cloud

To be explained in simple terms, virtualization and cloud is something that easily separates the operating system, application and hardware running on a system from each other. With the basic idea remaining the same in both these technologies, there are certainly some separating indicators in regards to availability, flexibility and reliability.

Everything You Need to Know About Cheap VPS Hosting

Cheap VPS server hosting is also called Private Cloud. This system is based on servers that are genuinely crafted by making use of the virtualization technology. The structure of a VPS server is one that features several individual dedicated compartments on one single virtual system.  Each compartment or slot comes loaded with dedicated resources. This is a kind of technology that works on resource-shared and time-shared phenomenon. There are some very useful points associated with the use of South Africa VPS Server Hosting solutions. It is always a good idea to go for VPS in place of Cloud or Linux web hosting because VPS brings the margin closer between shared and dedicated hosting services.

Advantages of VPS Server Hosting

One of the most basic advantages of VPS server hosting is that it offers complete and total freedom.  You have the flexibility of managing your server the way you want with easy access to almost everything required for smooth server operation. You also have the freedom of installing the software of your choice. In the operating system category, you get options like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Suse, Centos and Windows. The cPanel options available to the clients include Plesk, Webmin, Sentora, VestaCP, ISPConfig and ZPanel. It is highly efficient to host in VPS because a virtual server is not dependent on audience or traffic. The users have their very own resources and they remain isolated from the other servers.

Some frequently asked questions in regards to South Africa VPS server hosting include:

Q: Is VPS server hosting secure?
Ans: Yes, VPS server hosting is absolutely secure. All private files are inaccessible to the other users regardless of their server rights.

Q: What do you mean by cloud hosting?
Ans: It is a top quality hosting solution that has achieved a lot of acceptance within a very short span of time.

Q: Is cloud hosting reliable?
Ans: Yes, it is reliable because one of the major advantages that come to the customers is that they do not suffer because of some other website going down on the server. With one server going down, the resource levels of the other servers also go down in virtualization technology. This is not the case with cloud hosting.

Q: How is a cloud hosting server secured?
Ans: It is secured by several physical servers protected from the third parties looking to access the premises of the servers or disturb their services.

Q: Are there any constraints in using a cloud server?
Ans: Cloud servers are scalable, flexible and extensible. There are no constraints on using these servers and resources are rightly available as per the requests of the users.

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