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Relocating the house and office domestically and the interstate is a very hectic task. During this task one has to face so many difficulties like packing, moving, loading, rearranging, saving goods from wear tear and so on.

For a layman, it is such a difficult job. So they need to appoint the professionals who not only help in delivery but also help in resettled the new house or office furniture.  These professionals are trained and skilled employees who know their job very well. They are expert in packing, loading/unloading, moving and rearranging.

Moving company Melbourne is the one who offers the service of moving your belongings from your current house or office to the new one. We move your stuff with proper care and maintenance of your belongings. We will ensure you that your stuff will not be damaged or break while moving or relocating process. Moving company Melbourne offers you the quality service at low cost and within the deadline.

Furniture delivery Melbourne

We as the delivery company Melbourne assist you not only by picking up your belongings but also safely deliver it at your new location with proper care and wellness. We not only deliver your stuff at your location but also give you many services.

  • Packing and unpacking of your stuff
  • Furniture dismantle service
  • Re-assemble furniture at your destination
  • Shrink wrapping of your items
  • Fastest and safe move

Our experienced movers and packers Melbourne can handle all the situations of delivery and transport of your stuff.  They start their work for your move with proper planning and organization. They firstly take a deep view of your antique items and then decide what type of equipment, number men need to move, the location where to deliver the furniture etc. will be noted down. Our professionals make your move efficient and affordable as per the requirement of the situation.

Packing and unpacking of your stuff

Our friendly moving men always ready to help you in packing, wrapping of your stuff with proper stuff. They also give you the service of unpacking of your belongings and rearrange it. So that you will feel relaxed and stress-free. In office move, there is lots of stuff like wires, cable and other electronic items whose packing is not easy but our professional packers have the skill to pack them according to their instructions.

Shrink wrapping of your items is also part of our job. Items like blankets need shrink wrap. They come to you with the proper toolkit of packing which includes paper boxes, paper wrap, bubble wrap, tape etc.

Fast and safe move

Our furniture delivery men include two men and a truck who can handle all the situations regarding the moving route. The driver of our truck is well expert, trustworthy and responsible in moving your antique items. The number of men and the size of the truck is varied according to the size and weight of your stuff. They not only pick up your furniture or other stuff from your current location but also deliver and rearrange it to your new house or office.

Regular information about the move

During the moving process, they are regular in touch with the company and the client so that you can be informed about what is happening with your stuff. In case there is any change in route or any other situation is occur then you will be informed immediately.

Affordable delivery

We are  the best furniture delivery Melbourne which deliver our services at affordable prices. We know that your sources are limited and we respect them. Singh Movers offer you their service for Furniture delivery in Melbourne within your budget. All the charges are included in our package; our movers not charge and even not ask for the extra charges. All the charges like stairs, lifts, fuel and distance of entrance door are included in the package while making your quotes.

Responsible and trustworthy staff

All the team members of our company are reliable and trustworthy. Our reliable removalists  Melbourne are doing their job with proper planning and supervision. At every stage of removing they are in contact with the company and also take care of your belongings. For delivering you the best service of the removal they were properly trained in their job so that any difficult situations arise in between than they can handle all the situations.

Client’s satisfaction

We are not working for the sake of money but we are working for helping the people who need our help in the moving process. Our main aim of delivering this service is the satisfaction of the service. For your satisfaction, we offer the furniture delivery service in Melbourne. We properly plan the route as well as the moving process for delivery of your stuff within your budget.

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