Deep Learning for Visual Search Evaluation

visual search

Visual search with Cogito means gets the right solution for the online searching needs like ecommerce and other similar industries. Cogito is known for providing the visual search services for better recognition of objects using the visual search technology. Cogito provides image based visual search services for ecommerce and other online retailers to find the suitable item as per the colors, features and other attributes of the objects.


Visual Search Services by Cogito:

  • Precise Object Recognition through Images
  • Faster and Relevant Results
  • Image Analysis and Results Show
  • Multiple Options Showing in the results
  • Augment image understanding
  • Automated Captaining of Image
  • Image Classification with Tags
  • Background and Scene Understanding

Visual search technology with Cogito enables the users find the most suitable item on their favorite ecommerce website and enjoys the power of visual search solution on their phone. Cogito helps to provide the right amount and quality data sets helping the visual search algorithms to learn from such data and give the precise results. Visual Search Evaluation with Cogito helps to increase engagement and conversion rates while enhancing the recommendation engine with visual signal to give more relevant results.

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