training data for Artificial Intelligence

Cogito Training Data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cogito is a pioneer in data collection and classification with image annotation and data labeling for machine learning computer vision. It is providing the right solution for training data set…

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Data Collection Services for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Cogito offers Data Collection and categories for machine learning and artificial intelligence based various applications need such training data for models. Cogito is dedicatedly involved in data collection and classification…

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Virtual Contact Center Cogito

Cogito Virtual Contact Center Services

Cogito Tech offers a complete solution for Virtual Contact Center Services. Expert for Inbound Outbound Outsourcing Solutions, Cogito provides the voice, SMS, email, web chat and fax based contact center…

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content moderation

How to Get Content Moderation Services?

Cogito is providing data-driven content moderation services to moderate the different types of contents on social media and other online platforms. Moderating the contents to make it favorable for companies…

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What is the Best Way to Transcribe Video to Text?

The best way to automatically transcribe video to text is get a paid tool or software that can understand the language of the visual file and convert the each word…

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chatbot training data

Deep Learning Chatbot Training Data

Chatbot training data set available with Cogito for AI-based chatbot app development and testing. The virtual customer support service by autonomous application that is trained with the help of Chatbot…

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How to Transcribe Video File to Text?

Cogito offers Video transcription service companies and business organizations looking to convert the audiovisual files into audio or text formats. Using the special tools and techniques, Cogito is moving ahead…

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visual search deep learning

Healthcare Training Data for Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Cogito offers a great quality of training data for deep learning and machine learning in healthcare sector. Annotated images like X-ray, CT Scan and MRI with precise diagnosis of ailments…

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visual search

Deep Learning for Visual Search Evaluation

Visual search with Cogito means gets the right solution for the online searching needs like ecommerce and other similar industries. Cogito is known for providing the visual search services for…

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machine learning engineer

Hire Project Based Machine Learning Engineer

Hire Machine Learning Engineers with Cogito for developing the right AI model as per the preferred location and needs. Cogito is providing the world-class machine learning data scientists to companies looking…

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