What is a Good Video Annotation Tool?

You can find many companies offering video annotation tool for annotating the videos and its contents. Finding the good one is difficult until and unless you try them personally and…

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Image Annotate

How to Collect, Train and Test Images Data for Object Recognition?

Collecting the training data of images for testing in the object recognizing job is not only difficult but also challenging if there is no reliable sources available in the market….

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Machine Learning data

How to Start To Learn Machine Learning

Let me tell you first thing there is nothing to learn the machine learning, instead you need find the right thing that can work well for you. Reading books, joining…

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Machine Learning

How to Annotate Video for Machine Learning?

To annotate the Video there are my tools useful for deep learning or machine learning projects. Labelbox, Diffgram, LabelMe, RectLabel and SmartTool  are the major tools that can be used…

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How to Get Training Data for Image Recognition?

Image data for testing or training the machine learning or AI-based machines working through computer vision can get the data from various sources. Such data used to train and test…

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How to Download Training Data for Machine Learning?

To download the training data from machine vision you can find various resources available online. There are various online data based companies providing the training data for machine learning to…

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How to Get Datasets for Machine Learning?

Cogito offers high-quality training datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence based various projects to develop the auto functional business models and applications. Cogito gathers right data from reliable sources…

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