image semantic segmentation

What is the Difference Between Image Segmentation and Classification in Image Processing?

Object classification and segmentation – both are part of machine learning based image processing to train the AI algorithms through computer vision. And both are important for object recognition precisely…

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Video Annotation

Video Annotation Services for Computer Vision

Video annotation to label the moving objects in the video recording to make it recognizable to computer vision based machine learning algorithms. Self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles needs such highly…

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semantic segmentation

Image Semantic Segmentation Annotation Service

Semantic segmentation in image annotation makes the objects recognizable to machines in a single class. Cogito is providing image semantic segmentation service to annotate the multiple types of objects in…

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Polygon Image Annotation

Polygon Image Annotation for Computer Vision

Polygon image annotation service for computer vision object detection through machine learning. Detecting the irregular shapes or coarse objects, polygonal annotation helps autonomous vehicles, detect the road surface marking and…

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2D Bounding Box Annotation

What are the Annotation Services?

Annotation services is the kind of data labeling service offered by professional companies to make data like texts, images and videos understandable to machines. Basically, it is the process of…

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Bounding box Annotation

2D Bounding Box Annotation Services for Precise Object Detection

Cogito tech is providing 2D bounding box annotation services for objects recognition in computer vision. The 2D bounding box annotated images are used in AI and machine learning to train…

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search relevance

Improve Your Search Relevance Algorithm with Cogito

Improving the Search Relevance now become easier with Cogito, that is providing the search optimization and relevance service for online stores and ecommerce store selling various types of products in…

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Data classification for machine learning

What is Classification in Machine Learning?

Classification is a kind of technique to categorize any data into a desired and distinct number of classes where we can assign label to each class. And classification in machine…

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machine learning as a service

What is Machine Learning As A Service?

Machine Learning is the process of training the models using the certain amount of data to learn the patterns and make the right predictions. And training data available right here…

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content moderation services

UGC Content Moderation Service for Better Brand Protection

Cogito offers a great place to moderate the online user generated contents posted on various online platforms. It is involved in controlling the negative reviews and antagonistic comments of customers…

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