Data classification for machine learning

What is Classification in Machine Learning?

Classification is a kind of technique to categorize any data into a desired and distinct number of classes where we can assign label to each class. And classification in machine…

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machine learning as a service

What is Machine Learning As A Service?

Machine Learning is the process of training the models using the certain amount of data to learn the patterns and make the right predictions. And training data available right here…

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content moderation services

UGC Content Moderation Service for Better Brand Protection

Cogito offers a great place to moderate the online user generated contents posted on various online platforms. It is involved in controlling the negative reviews and antagonistic comments of customers…

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Medical Imaging data

What is The Future and Scope of Medical Imaging Analysis?

Medical imaging analysis is important process in healthcare sector that helps doctors to get the precise diagnosis of various types of diseases. MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan and Ultrasound are the…

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healthcare training data

What is the Role and Future of AI in Medical Imaging and Diagnostics?

AI in medical images are now already playing a crucial role in detecting the various types of diseases helping doctors to get the right decision and provide the timely medical…

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text to video transcription

How to Get Best Video Transcription Services at Low-Cost?

Getting the free services is not right for all types of needs. If you are looking to transcribe the video into text of other formats freely you need to be…

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Data Collection Services Outsourcing for Machine Learning and AI

Data collection services helps companies and data scientist to utilize the power of crucial information hidden under the collected data. And gathering the data from reliable source is important to…

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data classification

What is Text Classification in NLP and What are the Methods?

NLP in machine learning and AI development is playing a bigger role in understating the style of speech communication between humans and make it comprehensible to machines. And text classification…

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Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Training Services with High-quality Data

Cogito offers Virtual Assistant training services with high-quality training data sets gathered and summarized for AI-enabled virtual assistant training. It is providing natural language processing solution with annotated data sets…

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Live Annotations service is available against Cloud-based Real-time Annotations

The question you asked possibly will not get any helpful answer, as there is no company providing cloud storage real-time annotations without allowing to download the document on your system….

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