4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Old Car Tyres

Actually you should know that it is very important to maintain the vehicle on regular basis. As that will help you to increase the overall expected life span of your vehicle. Other than that it will also help you to reduce the overall repair and replacement charges. Infect well maintained vehicle will help you to get better fuel efficiency and increase the overall performance of the vehicle. So if you want to achieve all these benefits, then you should prefer to get the best quality new tyres for your vehicle. It will help you to make the vehicle much safe and help in preventing the accidents. So whenever you will notice that your tyres got damaged then opt to buy new tyres instead of using old tyres. Here in this article we are discussing why you should avoid using old tyres:

1. Reasons why you should avoid using old tyres:

Actually you should know that tyres are most important part of the vehicle. As that’s the only part that will connect the vehicle with the road. Due to which it use to face regular wear and tear. Here are some reasons of not using old tyres.

2. Old tyres can increase hydroplaning risk:

Actually you should know that using old tyres could be dangerous as that might become reason of causing Hydroplaning. Basically this use to happen when a water layer will start appearing in between tire and the road surface. Due to which tyre will start losing its grip on the road that might become reason to cause the car to spin and get out of control. So its better to use modern tire as that use to have tread patterns on it that will contain deep grooves. Basically these deep grooves are perfect to channel all the water particles away from the tire. That in return enable it to maintain its perfect grip on the road especially in the wet conditions.

3. Old tyres will decrease gas mileage:

Keep in mind that old tyres will become reason of decreasing the overall gas mileage of the vehicle. That’s why people who actually want to improvise the overall gas mileage should opt to use new tyres instead of old tyres. Actually, when the tread of old tyres get damaged, then it will affect the way it moves, and will give you every rough drive that in return will use the most of the fuel. While on the other side when you will use new tyres bought from Avon car tyres in London, then it will help you to get the smooth drive. That in return will take less amount of fuel to move the vehicle, hence making it fuel efficient vehicle.

4. Old tyres will produce heat buildup:

As we all know that tyres are only part of the vehicle that will get connected with the road. And this type of connection will create friction in between the tires or the road surface. After that this friction will in return creates huge amount of heat. So in that situation faster you will drive the vehicle its tyre will have to suffer more heat pressure. So to withstand this type of situation that might worn out the tyre you should opt to use new tyres with thick treads as that will help your vehicle to withstand the heat. And allow you to keep the vehicle tyres safe even at high speed.

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