4 Checklists When Planning a Wedding

You need to make sure both you and your partner agree on everything or at the very least ensure you’re both happy with your respective compromises.

So if you want to serve fish and chips at your wedding but your future father-in-law is insisting he will pay for 60 3-course meals, don’t budge, let him pay for the chips, because that’s what you want. While we’re on the subject let’s talk food of having a magician Sydney be your entertainer:

1: What’s the best wedding food?

I can honestly say a buffet is a way to go, it can be done with cheap and cheerful, timeless favorites to be enjoyed by the old and the young guests.

You can also turn that around and get some high-end canapes, or even a waiter to carry them around. This ensures people are comfortable and can take as little or as much as they like.

Other cool things I have seen at weddings; as I had previously said, fish and chips! These particular fish and chips were served in a cone to symbolize the way the couple had met. They also had a candyfloss machine and a sweet stand, this worked really well as about 30% of the guests attending were aged 3–14. If you live local to Milton Keynes or Northampton I can highly recommend Clarke’s Confectionery, go and check them out!

2: What music should I play for my wedding?

This is probably a question you already know the answer: Magician Hire or Whatever you like. You need to keep in mind this is a celebration of two individuals uniting. If you’re both weirdo’s that like nothing more than standing dead still while listening to white noise then do that.

We would recommend getting a DJ or having magician show Sydney, we have been to many weddings where I’ll be talking away then all of a sudden one song ends but the other never starts! Then typically a bridesmaid runs over to change the phone as the first one has died.

The DJ is a massive part of the night, the last thing you want is to put the responsibility onto a guest, plus they (usually) bring with them all kinds of lights, lasers and fog machines, creating a complete change in atmosphere. A thing that is often overlooked is the creative control, trust in the DJ to play what’s right, obviously make a list of all the songs you want to play and let them do the rest, oh and if you see the DJ on a roll for god’s sake don’t let anyone request Agadoo!

3: How to decide who sits with who?

You may already know how I played this one at my wedding, and it wasn’t because I didn’t care. I have seen people having a horrible time because they were sat at a table with people they didn’t like. When I got married I didn’t have a seating plan, my guests sat wherever they liked.

You can choose to keep everyone away from the crazy ones in your family but you know what, if you have invited them, they are a part of you, embrace it.

The way my wife and I saw it, we are uniting our families and some will feel more comfortable sitting with people they know and others will be happy to sit with new people, just don’t force it.

4: What’s the best wedding entertainment?

Obviously, I’m going to be extremely biased, but even when playing devil’s advocate I can’t see anything better than a Sydney magician.

There are other alternatives like 4 piece band. But you have a DJ, right?

Juggling act, dancers, and fire breathers? For what I can see these are great entertainment but everyone will see it at the same time and it won’t last long.

When you book a wedding magician Sydney, they weave in and out of the crowd mingling and bringing people together, creating intimate and memorable moments in a one on one setting, this can be repeated for 1–3 hours (depending on how big the venue and guests in attendance). The only thing I would say is to make sure you know who you’re booking, you often get what you pay for.



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