Lightest Gaming Mice on the Internet

Fast Movement is very crucial when it comes to gaming and what’s better than having a lightweight gaming mouse?! If you’re a hard-core gamer like me and like to play for long hours sessions then it is necessary to not only have a light gaming mouse but one that fits your hands properly and that is why I’m reviewing 10 of the Lightest Gaming Mice on the Internet that you can get and make those gaming sessions more enjoyable and your arms less fatigued!  The lighter the mouse in your hands, the faster the movement and if it’s an FPS game, you gotta be fast or you get shot. The mouse may not be the only factor to win a game but it may be the biggest one when it comes to your input devices and it is necessary to have only the best when you don’t want to compromise with your gaming experience! Now, before diving right into the reviews, you gotta know a few things first.

You gotta read the following points before moving to the reviews.

All the mice on this list are ambidextrous and provide good enough quality, performance, smoothness, and are available at a good price point.
Most of the mice are suitable for all hand sizes but if they are not, it will be stated explicitly in the review.
Most of the mice are suitable for all types of grips be it palm, claw, or fingertip grip. If they are not suitable for a particular grip type, it will be stated explicitly in the review.
So, without further waiting, let’s get started with the lightweight gaming mice collection. I will share my experience with these mice and will pick the one which I found to be the best in terms of weight, mobility, size, and price.

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja Review – One of the Lightest Gaming Mice!

The Air58 is one of the lightest gaming mouse weighing only 58 grams. It has a unique body filled with holes to make it even lighter. The body of the mouse is sturdy and durable and is appealing due to its design. It lacks the RGB lights which makes it a little light but some people prefer mice with RGB over the ones without RGB.

This mouse comes with a 3-year warranty which you may not even require due to the quality it has to offer and due to this, it costs way more than the average mice in this list. The cord is the best out of all the mice in this list. It is so lightweight and flexible that it doesn’t even feel like it is a wired mouse. The Air58 is a little smaller than the Model O from Glorious.

The body is made up of plastic and comes with aesthetically appealing colors. The mouse comes with 6 buttons out of which one is the DPI switch button. Two of the buttons are placed on the side of the body and can be used only by the right-handed users although the mouse has the ambidextrous design.

Overall, this mouse is a beast in performance and is pure quality. The design is good and is very lightweight. It has a set of appealing colors for the body and provides very accurate and fast movement.