Retirement in Diaspora: Are You Preparing For It, or Are Your Chickens Going to Come Home To Roost?

Our neighbor spread straw on his yard, with the goal that the ducks and geese won’t eat his recently planted grass seed. A downpour filled breeze cleared my direction, and with it came sweet-scented recollections mơ thấy trứng gà đánh con gì The Farm: where a kid could be a kid. My grandparents: Mawmaw and Pawpaw, tough legs planted on the land, solid arms, protecting a kid from hunger, from risk.

Straw….I recall the entryway patio with recliners squeaking and Pawpaw singing.

“Astonishing Grace”

I recall a shade of stars above, and underneath, helping bugs shimmering on the slope: frosted tea, pie. I incline toward my granddad’s legs. A calloused finger extends forward, highlighting the antiquated Hopewell Indian earthworks on the slope straightforwardly opposite our own. “That there is Serpent Mound,” he says. “You have family covered there.” He lights his channel.

I slither into his lap and cuddle. His chest is hard. He endeavors to place on fat. He pulls out his harmonica and plays.

“Astonishing Grace”

Straw…I recall the animal dwellingplace.

Fragrant roughage and pudgy little cats; delicate, roly poly wads of murmuring hide, sweet infants. The silo: my space, where Nancy Drew is eaten up as eagerly as my grandma’s scones.

Warm nipples in the palms of my hands, the metallic sheeeeeesh of warm, rich milk, as it hits the side of the basin, my cheek against warm, mollified dairy animals. Here you go! A feline gets a well-pointed stream and looks fulfilled.

Basin nourished calves, their noses thumping against the metal bucket, delicate noses, snuggling for additional, their sandpaper tongues scanning for each drop. Screeching chickens tenderly lifted from straw-filled homes; eggs are accumulated for breakfast.

Straw…I recollect Mawmaw’s kitchen.

Here is nourishment: yeast rolls and singed chicken, sauce, pureed potatoes, peas, summer serving of mixed greens, natural corn, noodles and new green beans. Here is security and love.

Straw…I recall going crazy – finally I can be a youngster – going through fields and woods.

There are grapevines to swing on and slopes to climb. I stroll with the bovines. I convey a stick. It’s convenient to scratch a cow-like’s difficult to-arrive at tingle.

Sun soaked shakes on which to dream, “Wolf Run,” a reasonable running stream, flawless with its blue, earth dividers. I stop and have my lunch of thick ham sandwiches with home made bread, Mawmaw’s relieved ham, safeguarded pickles, and mystery formula spread. I drink from the stream. It’s cold and delightful. Crawdads dart by. I giggle and raise my face to the sun.

Straw…I recollect the “Joke Tree.”

My cousins come “a visitin’of the ends of the week.” We dart from the house, and hurry to the pigpen over which a matured tree rules. Up her trunk we scramble, and climb over thick, leaf-filled appendages. “What did the mayonnaise state to the cooler? Close the entryway, I’m dressing!” Exaggerated snickers; we swing from the appendages and dare each other to hop and miss the slop trough.

Straw…I recall the smell of straw and bovines and fertilizer.

I recall the smell of channel smoke and silos, rich milk and great nourishment. I recollect the smell of daylight and giggling. I recollect the smell of affection.

“Astonishing Grace.”

Portion from The Adoption of Christopher

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