The Universe in Motion Parts I Through III

The Universe in Motion

((In Narrative Poetic Prose) (and semi hexameter))

Part I of III

Forevermore, and from the earliest starting point

In a perpetual movement everything goes

Streams unruffled-: the sky above,

The pit underneath, the planets, stars, and the

Universe; bodies, nature, space, the pit,

The glimmering of jolts, heat, cold,

Volcanic ejections, tremors, and the

Immeasurability of the entire: follow their course

Through whatever movement time permitted them

By Almighty God-all is on the run-

All have an adventure, all in the spread of

Things, spread to each finish of creation!

All movement known to man goes, streams

Without end. Man with his very

Eyes, can see things that predicament things.

See existence twist, matter quiver!

Slope to slope, mountain to mountain, ocean to

Ocean, land to land’s end, and to the ocean’s end, and

The waterways, tributaries, and nature, – for

Nature monitors all, the full body. One feds,

The other, and all breed humankind by

The sacred appendages of God. Whenever divided

From its fit, by the preposterous, implore God sets

It back set up; or that God would not permit

It in any case! For it would have better

Not to have been, than to have all been

Dissipated wide and excluded. For by

Certainty, nothing began or settled

Independent from anyone else, and each and all set, in its legitimate

Spot. Nor did basic germs express to each other:

How each should move, to be driven;

Compacted, and changed to make a blossom

Or on the other hand a plant, a bug, a tree… At that point by preliminary

Also, blunder, endeavor to make a human!

God preclude this sort of movement and thing

For irresistible germs to have priority

In creation, assuming this is the case, should they choose

At that point to make extraordinary improvements what at that point?

Coterminous contacting, associating, connected,

To make mankind into imps and trolls?

In any case, God has discouraged such a structure,

Protected what he has, tossed legitimate movement,

Matter to stream in the universe, seas.

Furthermore, gravity to wave like the oceans from

Blasts; and for the powers of earth,

A covering; and, a space rock belt, lumped

Boundaries, worked to move and influence, to shroud

Earth, from intruders. What’s more, through appropriate

Equalization and movement: earth turns like a top,

Counterclockwise; and the moon circles the

Earth, counterclockwise, and the earth circles

The sun-steady counterclockwise…mơ thấy rồng bay đánh con gì What’s more, the bear, the fox, the wolf, the whale

What’s more, fire, the reptilian, the creepy crawly all with

Breath and air; and the plants take in Man’s

Carbon dioxide, and gives out oxygen…

One feeds the other, even Earth’s atmosphere

With Earth’s close planetary system, all work together.

Can a profound established germ, fruitful, fix this?

In a billion or more years? Without God’s

Activity, creativity? Does the

Germ, have a cerebrum, a long ways past God’s?

Can the proton, the electrons, inside

A cell, inside its core, demonstration together,

Without God’s activating life-demise movement?

Does it have a will, heart, inhale or a mind?

Who’s making the reproducing obstruction, code?

The hereditary DNA; keeping sickness far

Under control? The safe framework, by flash possibility?

Vanity gives the moron dreams to grasp.

Vanity says: something originates from nothing;

That fixed positions originate from, insensibility!

In other words, something from nothing is the

New reason, by some coincidence, which is contrariwise to

Man’s very own suspicious physiological inconceivabilities.

The visually impaired leads the visually impaired, the nitwit instructs his

Mistake, and hogwash is brought into the world separated from God.

How could it be that this occurred?

All these moving things, perpetually together…

The sun stops, however it’s moving

In its edge overall, until its vitality

Reduces, and falls on its

Claim, losing its gravitational draw and hold:

It gradually moves to its demise, a dark opening.

However such a large number of things shroud their movements,

When far off from us, too far to even consider viewing and study.

Indeed, even the basic scenes, the slope

The wooly rushes, the mud creepy crawly.

The shading in the grass, we are all

Obscured and twisted, as though standing far off-

The glow of the sun, its tranquil molecules

Speed down with its light, through God’s issue

Going down this unfilled void, constrained

To warm the earth, gradually, and to divide on

To the rushes of air; particles of warmth

Regrets, outbreaths, ensnared, enmeshed,

Each limited by God’s fingertips, checked and

Adjusted, ahead of time. Native molecules

With their old, striking and straightforward strength.

We are a youthful animal types gathering information

On schedule, space, life, matter, vitality, with

An uncouth past… , nor are we a

Seemingly perpetual species, years to be checked

A few times over on our fingertips:

To investigate God’s marvels, we should surge!

Should the sharpness of room,

Its arrangement, its astounding weight and quality,

Should it move lazily after some time and space

What’s more, should God not have saved its

Unique plan, – for: possibility, threatening

Franticness and strangeness, cutting off conceivable outcomes

For possibility and rhyme?

The red desire of franticness would have stepped in

Also, – what God has set up, possibility

Would have made out of date, and outlandish!

The Universe Unfolded

Part II of III

Concerning movement, unfurl these musings: look

Into the skies, that in no shrewd way,

Could nature of the world, the universe be fabricated

By some other means than divine plan, power-; what flaws

Do you find troubled with? All the weight upon

The earth: grains and trees, mountains and oceans do

Not jump to the sky… be that as it may, similar to the top of a vault

Stays set up. Timber and pillar, our bodies-

The elephant and the whale, all the weight

Underneath the earth, its magma, its plates,

The outside layer of the earth, all inside and without, does

Not rise, rise like the breeze, to the void

Void: past the moon! Venus, Mars… to the sun!

Fire and flares move to the air, rise up high,

And afterward drop: what drives them down?

Meteors wreck before they hit the ground;

If not, they splatter meagerly. The 12 PM

Falling stars fire up the sky, as does the

Fiend’s star, the comet, with long red hot, fierceness tails

Like the Dragon. What’s more, the groups of stars drop to

Earth’s view, while earth turns over a needle!

From corner to corner: comes downpour, hail, light,

Warmth, all clamoring, from far beyond

Also, out of the mists, crisscrossing, falling back

Practical! Why not the other way! God

Has made earth’s atmosphere like a layered cake.

Also, should the unaided eye look energetically,

Through a telescope s/he will see the universe

Sprinkled with worlds, all revolving, unsettled

In and with movement. Wrinkled by extraordinary waves

Fifteen-billion years really taking shape. Stimulated,

With gravity: the universe taking quantum jumps,

With new understandings, and Relativity:

Drawing bodies toward bodies as issue keeps

Moving like the outside of an ocean, with its

Gravitational waves and shocking accuracy…

What’s more, reproducing new systems from dark gaps.

In this manner, is it not the universe our dearest,

Kaleidoscopic home! Astounding, captivating,

Continually connecting, consistently moving…