17 Days Shifting 5 Star Hajj Packages 2019

Hajj package is a need

Hajj is the great blessing of Allah. It is the pillar of Islam. Muslims with good physical and financial condition must have to perform Hajj once in their life. During the time period of Hajj millions of Muslims from the entire world arrive in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj. During the Hajj everyone is equal as described in Islam. During the Hajj Muslims perform acts of worship and they renew their purpose to live in this world. Muslims feel real importance of life on earth and afterlife due to Hajj, because during Hajj everyone is out from their social status, wealth and pride. During this time period, Muslims of the world come together and show their love for one another. Muslims get to know one another without any barriers or obstacles between them.

Hajj is a great source for Muslims to learn something good from each other. Everyone wants to get the best place to stay and best service during this time period. This great journey is more peaceful and comfortable when Muslims avail different packages and make their journey easy. When it’s the point of package everyone wants to know the facilities in the package. Different packages contain different facilities but Hajj packages contain the facility of all the basic needs of Hajj.

Confusion of choosing shifting or non-shifting:

Hajj packages include all the facilities of your Hajj It includes traveling expenses, hotel rents, and visa and maybe food. But according to accommodation Hajj packages are of two types. One is Shifting Hajj packages and other is non-shifting Hajj packages. In shifting Hajj packages your accommodation is change according to the changing of places for example if you are traveling toward Madinah from Makkah your accommodation is shifted from Makkah to Madinah by company. In non-shifting hajj packages, your accommodation remains the same throughout your Hajj days.

Shifting Hajj packages are very beneficial for the Muslims because if you book a hotel in Makkah for rest and after moving toward Madinah your accommodation automatically converted to your nearby hotel in Madinah. Non-shifting Hajj packages are not suitable because there is a distance between Makkah and Madinah so if your accommodation remains in Makkah it is impossible to travel too much. It will be the cause of tiredness.

Concept of short Hajj packages:

Being a Muslim it’s the duty of all to perform hajj once in their life. Short hajj packages are especially for the ease of those who are busy in their jobs and there work calendar doesn’t permit for long-term office nonappearance or carelessness of any kind. Hajj worth in Islam is great and it’s experiential that people from all corners of the earth regardless of their work and other full schedules long to board this holy journey at least once in their lifetime and in this favor Short Hajj remains very much helpful for them. 17 days Shifting 5-star hajj packages 2019 of Haramayn Tour is a short hajj package in which company is free to plan your hajj within 17 days and giving you all the luxury facilities during your hajj.

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